Middletown, this is your comprehensive plan

Tonight at 7pm in the town hall on Rte. 28, anyone interested in the Delaware County town of Middletown will have a chance to weigh in on its 112-page draft comprehensive plan. The plan attempts to outline how Middletown, which contains the villages of Margaretville, Fleischmanns, Halcottsville, Arkville, and New Kingston, will govern itself in the future, down to the tiniest detail. 

We skimmed the plan and posted it in its entirety below. Here are some of the things that town planners want:

--"Fair taxes" on New York City. (p. 8)

--More "agri-tourism." "There are many opportunities for agri-tourism, organic, and other niche farms to play a much bigger role in the economy of the area. (p.12)

--"Modern telecommunications services," including universal cell phone service. (p. 53) (In the Catskills, as we've reported, this is easier said than done.)

--Stricter zoning to prevent "strip style development" along major roads. (p.13)

--"Commercial design standards" that would dictate how local businesses design their lighting, landscaping, and signs. (p. 14 and 15)

--A farmer on the town planning board: "Consider appointing a farmer to serve as a member of the Planning Board to ensure that the agricultural perspective is included in the planning process (p.23)

--Increased regulation for wind turbines. (p.24)

--More biking and hiking opportunities. (p.29)

--A "greenway linking Fleischmanns, Arkville, and Margaretville." (p.30)

--A community center. (p.30)

--A new advisory committee that invites second-home-owners to participate in town planning activities. (p.31)

--Landowner education about the pros and cons of selling land to New York City. (p.33)

Like these ideas? Don't like them? Tonight might be your last chance to say so.