The little engine that could

Old Locomotive Gets New Life

Engine 407, a 1940s-era veteran of the Long Island Railroad and the Staten Island Railway, could easily have ended up on the scrap heap, Staten Island Advance reports. Instead, the little blue engine is getting buffed and polished and put into service on the Catskill Mountain Railroad, starting Memorial Day weekend.

Taken off its wheels to be lifted by crane onto a flatbed truck for the journey to the Kingston area, the bright blue 407 arrived late last week, and was reassembled.

Despite 407's advanced age, "this one is above-average because it was well cared-for and is in fantastic condition," said Bill Hayes of American Railway Technologies.

The best part: 407's 660-horsepower engine can pull a caboose.

And because the new engine has more oomph than the smaller locomotives it replaces, the railroad can again tack a red caboose on the end of the train tours, for the full railroading experience.

Catskill Mountain Railroad's website has more on 407, including some great photos.