The Eel Philosopher

Online at Orion Magazine: A marvelous video on Ray Turner, proprietor of the Delaware Delicacies Smoke House, and the only stone-weir eel fisherman left on the East Coast.

eel•water•rock•man from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

Turner, a white-bearded sage who could pass for Old Man River himself, is a philosopher as well as an eel-catcher. "A lot of people can't grasp the concept that after a while, it's enough. I dont mean it's enough -- you've got enough money, or your occupation. It's enough in the entirety. You've found something that fulfills all aspects of your spiritual and philosophical needs."

Writer James Prosek, who collaborated with Orion's Jason Houston and Hal Clifford on the video, is writing a book about eels that will be published in September.