Anglers -- The Catskills are calling

"The fisherman . . . is a kind of vagrant. . .  He blends himself with the trees and the shadows. All his approaches are gentle and indrect. He times himself to the meandering, soliloquizing stream; its impulse bears him along. At the foot of  the waterfalls he sits sequestered and hidden in its volume of sound. . . . Then what acquaintance he makes with the stream! He addresses himself to it as a lover to his mistress; he woos it and stays with it till he knows its most hidden secrets. .. He knows how to interpret its every glance and dimple; its beauty haunts him for days. . "

If John Burroughs' "Speckled Trout" (from Pepacton, 1879) speaks to you, consider visiting the naturalist's Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury this season. The first Wild Saturday program of 2016 takes place May 7 at 1 p.m., when Patti Rudge will talk about "A Knight in the Woods," everything you always wanted to know about porcupines!

Books, audiobooks, and hand crafted keepsakes from nature are avaulable at the Lodge shop, but more than that: Peace and quiet! The tours are free (donations gratefully accepted); the serenity priceless.

Please consider becoming a member of John Burroughs' Woodchuck Lodge to preserve his legacy and his Roxbury retreat. Visit the Support page on our website.