Sep. 15, 2016
Jul. 4, 2016
Wild Saturday at John Burroughs' Woodchuck Lodge, 1633 Burroughs Memorial Rd., Roxbury. Herpetology enthusiast Rachel Pollak will provide a survey of the most common herpetofauna one would meet on a Catskill trail. A visual guide will be provided, and... Read more
May. 14, 2016
It's Joe Hewitt Day at Woodchuck Lodge Sat., May 14 from 1 to 3! Come hear stories and chat awhile at John Burroughs' comfy retreat. Get your copy of "I was corning a beaver, like you do: John Burroughs, Joe Hewitt, Catskill Culture" and have it signed... Read more
Apr. 25, 2016
Apr. 25, 2016
This one was spied scurrying up a tree along the Catskill Scenic Trail between Stamford and Hobart. John Burroughs knew a thing or two about woodchucks, and named his summer retreat after the rodent that abounded there when in 1910 he started spending... Read more
Apr. 13, 2016
"The fisherman . . . is a kind of vagrant. . .  He blends himself with the trees and the shadows. All his approaches are gentle and indrect. He times himself to the meandering, soliloquizing stream; its impulse bears him along. At the foot of  the... Read more
Apr. 7, 2016
There was a full house at the Catskill Center last weekend when author Stephen Silverman gave a talk based on his book, The Catskills: Its History and How It Changed the World. The program was the Third Annual John Burroughs Spring Lecture sponsored by... Read more
Mar. 26, 2016
Stephen Silverman, author of  The Catskills: Its History and How it Changed America, will be the featured speaker at the Third Annual John Burroughs Spring Lecture Saturday, April 2 at 4 p.m. at the Catskill Center for Conservation & Development,... Read more
Mar. 13, 2016
Yes, it's early this year, but no less welcome. Spring means the awakening of the peepers -- small climbing frogs whose singing in swamps and wetlands heralds the new season. Naturalist John Burroughs, from the time he was a lad on his family's Roxbury... Read more
Feb. 14, 2016
When he wasn't walking or driving one of the cars Henry Ford gave him, naturalist and author John Burroughs took the train to where he needed to go. This talk, on the lawn at Burroughs' Roxbury retreat, Woodchuck Lodge, will provide an overview of the... Read more