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Table limit: New York State releases minimum investment figures for casinos

Photo by Flickr user Mark Menzies; published under Creative Commons license.

Casino developers hoping to land one of four prized licenses from New York State will have to prove that they're investing enough in the project. But although the state's minimum investment figures are in the hundreds of millions of dollars, they're not likely to prove an obstacle to deep-pocketed casino developers, many of whom have already unveiled plans to spend much more than the state's required minimum figures.  Read more

Need a gift?

This Weekend: New Paltz Bike Swap

Above: Cyclists, vendors and more attend the New Paltz Bike Swap to recycle or pick up new wheels. Photo courtesy of New Paltz Bike Swap Facebook page.

Bike enthusiasts hoping to recycle their rides can trade in forgotten, road-weary bicycles or shop around for a new set of wheels this Saturday at the 7th annual New Paltz Bike Swap.  Read more

Life Drawing Intensive

June 7, 2014 - 10:00am

Unison Arts Center is offering a Life Drawing Intensive sesssion on Saturday, June 7th from 10am-4pm. Immerse yourself in drawing or painting for an entire day.

Whether you are just starting out, putting a portfolioi together or have been drawing for many years, this intensive will give you what you need. Participants will have the change to work with experienced models under controlled lighting for an entire day.

The cost is $35 for Unison members and $45 for non-members. Space is limited and advance registration is required. Please visit to secure your spot.

Unison Arts Center is located at 68 Mountain Rest Road in New Paltz.


Four injured in Trailways bus crash

Above: An injured victim being treated at the scene of this morning's bus accident on Route 17 in Ramsey, N.J. Photos by Boyd A. Loving; courtesy of the Cliffview Pilot.

A flying car wheel smashed through the windshield of a Pine Hill Trailways bus bound from Kingston to Manhattan on Route 17 around 7:30 this morning, injuring four people, according to several downstate media reports. 

The wheel flew off a Lexus that was driving north, in the opposite direction from the bus, the Cliffview Pilot reports. Two people aboard the bus were critically injured in the accident, and two others sustained head injuries.

One of the injured victims was airlifted to a hospital, and a few others were transported by ambulance, reports.  Read more

From the Forest: Fruitful Forests

By Ryan Trapani

This spring I spent a lot of time pruning old apple trees. They were neglected old trees that either the previous landowner planted or the current one forgot about, or simply a seedling that began its life through a deer’s rumen. In any case, there they were. They were alive and managed to fruit every other year or so. Trees like these may seem trivial, but to wildlife – and some eager apple pickers – they serve an extremely beneficial role. Deer, for instance, rely upon apple trees immensely. Some trees hold onto their apples longer than others and can feed deer well into the winter when food reserves are at their lowest. Everything seems to like apple trees. Birds can take advantage of apples while still hanging on the tree. Once the fruit falls, all partake. Rabbits and voles eat the bark. Deer eat any buds or twigs they can reach. Insects and diseases feast on the leaves, fruit or bark as well. Deer hunters who choose not to eat the fruit can instead wait nearby and harvest a deer or bear on their way to and from the trees.   Read more

Tunes of the Twenties Cabaret

June 28, 2014 - 8:00pm
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Break out your flapper dresses and bathtub gin. The unsinkable Molly Parker-Myers will bring her Tunes of the Twenties cabaret to Unison Arts Center on Saturday, June 28th at 8pm. Joel Flowers will serve as Molly's musical director.

Molly Parker-Myers is an actor and singer based in Ulster County. She has performed with theaters throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond including Shadowland Theatre, TriArts Sharon Playhouse, Mohonk Mountain Stage Company, The Center for the Performing Arts in Rhinebeck and Stageworks/Hudson.   Comeback!, her original show with Joel Flowers, will be part of the United Solo Festival in New York this fall.

Joel Flowers served for many years as the entertainment director for the US Army in Germany, where he also performed and accompanied vocalists at the Theatre Des Westerns and The Deutches Oper in Berlin. He has resided in the Hudson Valley since 1994 and has served as the musical director for many local community theatre productions. He is also the community recreation coordindator at West Point.  Read more


New York State bans wild boar hunting

Above: A trailcam in Delaware County catches a nocturnal glimpse of an elusive wild boar. Photo taken in August 2013; courtesy of USDA APHIS.

A statewide ban on the hunting and trapping of feral swine -- also known as wild boars or Eurasian boars -- went into effect on Monday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced in a press release

Until recently, boars were largely unknown to New York State, even as burgeoning populations of wild pigs wreaked over a billion dollars' worth of destruction a year across other parts of the country. But in recent years, feral swine have been found breeding in the wild in a few parts of New York State, the descendants of boars that escaped from private "canned" hunting preserves. 

Many other states have encouraged the hunting of wild boars in an effort to control their populations, but without much success. Banning the hunting of an animal that state officials want to rid the landscape of seems paradoxical. But scientists who study the animals say that allowing private hunting can interfere with state-sanctioned efforts to bait and trap boars, and has even encouraged hunters to release more of the animals into the wild for sport.

  Read more

Flood watch in effect across Catskills

Above: A graphic from the National Weather Service in Binghamton, showing the flood watch area across upstate New York and Pennsylvania that is in effect Wednesday through early Thursday morning. 

Heavy rains are in the forecast for eastern New York and Pennsylvania Wednesday afternoon and evening, prompting the National Weather Service (NWS) to issue flood watches across the Catskills region.

The heaviest rainfall is expected to arrive this evening and overnight, with between 1.5 and 4 inches of rain forecast for the Catskills. Forecasters at NWS and Hudson Valley Weather say the eastern Catskills will get the most rain, with lower totals expected for the western end of the region.   Read more

Work o'the Weavers: A Tribute to Lee Hayes & Pete Seeger

May 31, 2014 - 8:00pm

Unison Arts Center celebrates the musical legacy of Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes with Work o'the Weavers on Saturday, May 31st at 8pm. Work o'the Weavers is David Bernz on vocals, banjo and guitar, James Durst on vocals and guitar, Mark Murphy on vocals and upright bass and Martha Sandefer on vocals and percussion.

Pete Seeger called Work o'the Weavers, "four wonderful people who've . . . picked up where the Weavers left on. I put on the recording and had to listen to it twice. Fantastic!"  The Washington Post wrote, " . . . there are moments when you may find yourself thinking that the group's original members are all within range of the microphones."

The evening will consist of beloved familiar songs, as well as some newer and original pieces, that the Weavers might be singing today.

Tickets are $24 in advance ($20 for Unison members) and $28 at the door ($24 for members). Students are half price with a valid ID.

Purchase tickets online at or by calling 845-255-1559.

Unison Arts Center is located at 68 Mountain Rest Road in New Paltz, New York.


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