We did it! The 2013 Catskills Outdoor Guide is coming out Memorial Day

We did it! The Watershed Post, in partnership with the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce and the Catskill Mountain Club, is officially printing the 2013 edition of our Catskills Outdoor Guide in time for Memorial Day. We hit our revenue goal of $15,000 in reserved ad sales today, with hours to spare before our deadline.

Thank you to all the businesses who reserved ad space. If you haven't yet and you want to, there is still time to get in on the guide!

We are extending our space reservation deadline until Monday, April 8 at 5pm.

If we get enough new ads, we will expand the guide to be even bigger and better! 

The guide is a print and online introduction to hiking, fishing, boating, winter sports, conservation, cycling, and more in the Catskills region.

It's the ONLY print publication covering the outdoors of the region as a whole.

Last year's edition was seen by about 7,000 people. We estimate that the 2013 Outdoor Guide will reach 10,000 people this year. (See notes below for details on readership and distribution.)

Get in the 2013 Guide! Get in touch with Julia Reischel at 845-481-0155 or at [email protected]. See the guide's rate sheet below. 

More on Catskills Outdoor Guide readership and distribution:

This year, we want to print more pages -- 32 instead of 28 -- and print more copies: 4,000 instead of 2,000. 

We assume that more than one person will see many of the print copies -- a passalong rate of 1.5, which makes the print distribution 5,250.

We also expect the online version of the guide to attract at least 5,000 visitors. (It's gotten 4,300 this year.)

We plan to distribute the guide in local chambers of commerce, tourism offices, and businesses across the Catskills. (Can we distribute guides in your store? Let us know!)

Want to help us distribute the Catskills Outdoor Guide and promote the Catskills? Get in touch with Julia -- we can use all the volunteers we can get. 845-481-0155 or [email protected]