Catskills style: Ice and steel

Look closely: The strangely beautiful "icicles" in this photo are actually nail gun coils. Photographer Elizabeth Herman writes us from Pine Hill:

I found ten pounds of nail gun nail coils buried in the detritus under a tree next to our trash bin. They were full of dirt and leaves, I washed them in the shower, uncoiled them, and then twisted them up into spirals. In the sunlight the nailheads catch the light from different angles when they move in a slight wind. This is an old house and not in great shape, so rusty nails are very complementary.

Proof that "country style" doesn't have to mean gingham and kitsch, and that "industrial" isn't always gleaming and modern.

Lots of houses around the Catskills are currently sporting the real thing. Another reader, Sharon Skoble Goldstein, recently sent us the photo below of some mammoth icicles on her Kelly Corners house.

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