This Saturday, Kingston Kayak Festival splashes down at Kingston Point Beach

A kayaker at the 2011 Kingston Kayak Festival. Photo courtesy of Kenco; for more photos of last year's festival, check out their Facebook album.

On Saturday, June 9, the Kingston Point Beach hosts an all-day kayakstravaganza (shhh, that's totally a word), featuring skills workshops, kayak tours of Kingston Point, pro tips on how to pick a kayak or paddle board, and local outdoor outfitters on hand to show off their freshest gear and give advice.

This year, with three New York City reservoirs opening to kayaks and other small boats for the first time, the Catskills region is looking a lot more enticing to outdoor enthusiasts. If you don't know how to kayak, this Saturday is a great opportunity to get your feet wet -- and if you're a seasoned kayaker, you can help spread the love. As one famous river rat once said, there is nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

The Kingston Kayak Festival runs from 10am to 4pm at Kingston Point Beach. Admission is $10; free for children 10 and under. For more information and a full schedule, see the Kingston Kayak Festival's website.