Neversink update: Power still out, but there's wifi, hot showers and pizza

Above: Farm tractor powering generator at the rear of Eureka Market & Cafe, on loan from nearby Catskill Mountain Sugar House, one of the largest maple syrup producers in the state. Photo by Jennifer Grimes.

Dry ice will be available for the towns of Neversink, Grahamsville and Denning at the Neversink Fire Department beginning at 4pm.

Jennifer Grimes of the Eureka Café in Grahamsville reports that there’s “good news” in the Town of Neversink. Alliant Energy company trucks all the way from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin have arrived on the scene, working to return power.

“There are swarms of them around now,” reports Grimes, “They’re making repairs in the Town of Neversink as we speak. That’s all we know, because nobody will make a prediction. But everybody’s eager for power to return.”

Meanwhile, the Eureka Café is up and running. They have “WiFi and darn good homemade soup, chili, and pizza,” for local folks who are cold, hungry, and in need of a hotspot. Eureka is jumping thanks to the Catskill Mountain Sugar House in Grahamsville. They lent the café a generator that’s powered by a farm tractor.

“They have all these generators for the sap season, sitting idle waiting for a moment like this.”

Grimes also reports that up the road in Claryville, the Frost Valley YMCA is offering hot showers and meals to those in need.

Below: Utility workers from Wisconsin working on a line near the Eureka Cafe. Photo by Jennifer Grimes.