Liberty celebrates Independence Day

Above: Fourth of July celebration in the Village of Liberty. Village police say “1,000 people or more, steady throughout the day” thronged Main Street for the street fair and parade. All photos by Jason Dole.

When a town's name is synonymous with “Freedom,” it had better go all-out for Independence Day. On Wednesday, Liberty didn't disappoint. The Fourth of July street fair on Main Street was so full of people that village police estimate there were a thousand or more at any moment throughout the day. Sponsored by the Greater Liberty Chamber of Commerce, the event included live music from the Carl Richards band, a classic car show, and a parade.
Craft and food vendors lined Main St. from LaPolt Park to Lake Street. Among them was Liberty's own patriotic hot dog vendor, Arnie Cherubino. Decorated with flags, eagles, and 9/11 memorial emblems, “Arnie's All-American Food Cart” moved up from its usual Wednesday spot on Mill Street for the soiree on Main.

“It's fabulous,” said Cherubino, a former serviceman himself, of the street fair. “I had no idea it was going to be so big.” At times, Main Street appeared to be paved with people. The only thing that could clear them out of the way was the parade.

The biggest milestone of the day (apart from America's 236th birthday, of course) came when Walter Keller, Liberty's official Poet Laureate, stepped down from from his post. “It's really a pleasure to be retiring after 19 years of this nonsense,” said Keller.


The whole Cherubino clan was on hand to man Arnie's All-American Food Cart: Paul, Arnie, Weezy, Angela, and Arnie's grandsons Ralph and Arnold. “I've got a lot of help!” laughed Arnie.


Young Natalio & Maya watch the parade turn onto Main Street, Liberty. Their aunt Diane brought them from Jeffersonville for the festivities.


William Brenner of the Grahamsville Fire Department introduces his Dalmatian to the kids on the corner.


Walter Keller, seen here on Main Street with Robert Dadras, retired his post as Poet Laureate of Liberty. He made his farewell announcement Wednesday at the start of festivities.