Letter to the Editor: Wondering about Freshtown

Editor's note: The Freshtown supermarket in Margaretville, owned by the Katz family, was flooded during last August's Tropical Storm Irene. Six months later, it is still closed. -- Julia Reischel

Dear Editor,

I took a ride today, to Prattsville. I haven't been that way in over two years. I had no reason to go there. Due to what I like to refer to as the Freshtown Fiasco, I decided to check out the Great American Supermarket there. I've gone to Stamford (Grand Union) and Delhi (Price Choppers), as well as the mega stores in Kingston and Oneonta, so I figured, why not the Great American. Surely they can use my business.

I was so impressed with what the owner there has done. I don't know what the store looked like before the floods, but it sure was attractive today. The staff was friendly, the customers all had smiles on their faces, and the prices were extremely fair and the selection very very good.

I know from reading the WP and the other local media that this store, indeed the whole town, was affected by Irene and Lee. Driving through Prattsville was heart-wrenching. Margaretville has rebounded so much more quickly.

You probably know where this is going - the never ending question of what is going on with the Katz Family and Freshtown? Since I have to travel somewhere to get my Lactose free milk, a couple of slices of cold cuts and a bagged salad now and then, and the other usual staples, I might as well give my money to the Great American and the employees who most likely live in Prattsville. I'd rather support my local supermarket and the local residents who previously worked in Freshtown, but that is no longer an option. 

Sharon Goldstein