Letter to the Editor: "Separating glib statements from true environmentalism"

To the Editor:

As our local weather gets stranger and stranger, I think that more people are becoming aware how dependent we are on the natural world. We need politicians who understand the necessity to protect our farmland and other open space, who vehemently oppose fracking because of the water and air pollution observed in other states where fracking is now being done, who want to help us sever our dangerous and ever more expensive dependence on fossil fuels, who see the jobs available for local people from installing solar panels and wind turbines.

The Sierra Club, founded in 1892, is the nation's oldest and largest environmental organization with approximately 45,000 members in New York State alone; its Mid-Hudson Group has over 1,900 members. Julian Schreibman has been endorsed for the new 19th Congressional district seat and Kirsten Gillibrand has been endorsed for a full term as federal Senator.

I am glad that volunteers in the various levels of the Sierra Club have done the work of separating glib statements from true environmentalism. On the Atlantic Chapter website are more endorsements. I’ll be using this endorsement list to guide my voting in November and I suggest that you do the same.

Andi Weiss Bartczak