Letter to the Editor: Assemblyman Pete Lopez on Rebuilding from Recent Hurricanes

Dear Editor,

As our neighbors in the Greater New York region to continue to struggle with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we know that many also suffered upstate, particularly along the Hudson River. The flooding damaged homes, businesses and public structures, leaving many without power for days.

In many cases, Sandy impacted homes and businesses still recovering from the impacts of Hurricanes Lee and Irene in 2011, and brought into sharp focus, the anxieties and challenges our region continues to struggle with as a result of those storms.

For our friends and neighbors downstate who continue to suffer, we have a statewide obligation to provide intensive support and help them recover as quickly as possible, even as we continue to rebuild here at home. We offer our continued thanks to the many emergency responders and other volunteers, who continue to sacrifice their own comfort and safety to protect the lives and property of others.

All of us are also grateful to the many federal, state and local officials who prudently took steps before, during, and after the storm to protect our communities as much as possible.

We are sobered by the fact that, with all of our advanced technology and relative abundance, these events emphasized how fragile we are as a state and nation.

As nature continues to prove its unpredictability, we must wisely adjust to ensure continued health and safety in the face of future events.

All of us must play a role in ensuring needed reinvestment in our communities, and rebuild them in ways that strengthen them for the future.

As an Assemblyman and member of this community, I remain dedicated to this cause. We still have much to do.

Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R-C-I, Schoharie)
127th Assembly District