Foodstock at Villa Roma tomorrow

Above: A short, fun look at Foodstock 2010 on Youtube.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day in the southern Catskills, so perhaps you'll wake up thinking to treat yourself to some cheese.  But, wait!  Cheese makes you think of wine, so you'll probably have to get some of that, too.  What goes great with wine and cheese? Chocolate, so there's another stop on your fair weather journey. Should you want to find all of these things, and about 100 other varieties of foodstuffs, in one place, you can head over to Foodstock, where WJFF has assembled over 60 local vendors for a day of muching and sipping and savoring. Foodstock kicks off at 11 am tomorrow in the tennis building at Villa Roma, in Callicoon.  For more information, visit the listing in our calendar.