Dry ice at Olive Bridge Fire House today until 6pm

Here's the latest update from the town of Olive: There is "plenty" of dry ice available at the Olive Bridge Fire House until 6pm. Clerk to the Olive town supervisor Susan Horner emailed us about it this afternoon:

We just heard from the Shandaken Town Clerk that residents there are in need of dry ice. I listed it on our Website, but if you could but it on your website too that would be great! We have plenty to go around!

We will be manning it till 6pm…Thank you so much!

Here's the full update from their website

The Olive Town Board is scheduling a Dry Ice distribution today at the Olive Bridge Fire House from 12pm – 6pm.

And! The phones are back on at the Town Offices.

Central Hudson is advising us that as of 2pm today, there are 750 people without power in Olive and they believe total restoration will be on Saturday at 10pm.