Celebrating spring in Margaretville

Above: By 10:30am this morning, a big crowd was strolling Main Street Margaretville. Click to see a slideshow of images from today's GardenFest. Photos by Julia Reischel and Terry Doyle. 

Margaretville celebrated spring today with the village's first annual GardenFest. I was onhand to take a slew of photos of the festivities. You can check them out below, on our Pinterest board, on our Flickr page, or in the Flickr slideshow embedded above. 

Mel Bellar trucked in about a ton of stone to create a gravel-and-stone oasis on Main Street to showcase Zone4 Landscapes, his landscaping business:

Retired New York Times employee Mikey Bartfield mans the Catskill Hummingbird Gal booth, which he runs with his wife, Myra. Mikey and Myra have 40 hummingbird feeders at their house in Andes, and feed the local hummingbirds with about 200 pounds of sugar water per year:

Lester Bourke turns on his fountain at the Bourke Landscaping booth:

Twelve-year-old Robbie Johnson and his mother Julie were selling hand-painted flowerpots and homemade soy candles to raise money for Robbie's planned trip to Costa Rica, scheduled for 2013:

Flowers from Fair Street Gardens lined the streets at the GardenFest:

Jeff Slauson and Russ Betz show off their Stamford-based blueberry wine from Blue Sky Winery:

Pia Roels holds a bunny at the petting zoo:

Jenny Warren holds 3-year-old goose Juju at the petting zoo, sponsored by Cooked Goose Farm from Roxbury, NY:

Jenny Warren holds Juju the duck and pats two lambs at the petting zoo, sponsored by Cooked Goose Farm from Roxbury, NY:

Juju, a 3-year-old goose:

A lamb gets its close-up at the petting zoo:

Tianna Kennedy sells chives, asparagus and scallions for Lucky Dog Farm:

Madeline and Elizabeth Busker Ruiz watch Evie eat chocolate at the Greatwoods Farm booth:

Below: Video of the GardenFest by Jessica Vecchione, with some serious aerial views.