Bright Hill Press founder injured in three-car collision

Bertha Rogers, a well-known poet in the region and the founder of the Bright Hill Press and Literary Center in Franklin, was badly hurt in a car accident on Route 6 in the town of Woodbury on Tuesday.

According to an account of the accident from the Mid-Hudson News Network, Rogers was traveling eastbound on Route 6 when another car, which had been rear-ended by a driver distracted by glare, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit Rogers's car. Rogers was trapped in her car and had to be extricated by the Jaws of Life.

The Daily Star reports that Rogers broke both her legs in the accident, and has had surgery to place three pins in her legs. Rogers, who is 71, is beginning to improve, said her husband, Ernest Fishman:

Fishman, 83, said he has spoken by telephone with Rogers, who is improving and was able to sit in a chair Thursday. The couple will be looking for openings in a rehabilitation center to further her recovery, he said.

Rogers's Facebook page is rapidly filling with messages and offers of help from family and friends. Her daughter, Rachel, posted this message yesterday:

Hi All: This is Rachel, Bertha's daughter. Bertha was in a terrible car accident Tuesday evening. Her car was completely totaled and she sustained two broken legs, as well as some broken ribs, and much bruising. She is in the hospital and has authorized me to write this. It's going to take some time, but she will be back up and running her facebook page, along with everything else, as soon as she can. She is going to be alright. Thank you.

Photo of Bertha Rogers via