Books and internet (literally) rolling into Delaware County tomorrow

I often see a commercial on TV for a company that provides high speed internet access to rural communities and hard-to-wire places; it tells people who want to sign up to go to a website and fill out a contact form.  While that seems like a joke worthy of a stand-up act, it's no joke. The assumption that internet access is universal can leave those without access in the dark. The CyberMobile is rolling in to serve those folks.

If you, or someone you know, will be in Delaware County tomorrow and need internet access for any reason, the Four County Library System is sending its CyberMobile your way, complete with internet access and a mobile library. CyberMobile will be making stops in Grand Gorge, Hobart, South Kortright, Davenport, East Meredith, Meridale and Treadwell tomorrow starting at 10 am. Fun fact: books you borrow from the CyberMobile have no late fees! For more info, see the listing in our calendar. -- Andrea Girolamo