Walton Irene update

1:25pm Monday, 8/29/11: In Walton, it seems that things were better than expected. Our correspondent Leslie Kaufman took a stroll around town today to investigate and submitted these photos.

Above, the bridge over the West Branch of the Delaware River, Walton NY,10:30 AM Monday. "Walton was lucky this time around and escaped significant flood damage," Kaufman writes. Below, the Walton Community Garden, 10:30AM, Monday, August 29. "The garden is under several feet of water; however, the fence remained standing," Kaufman writes."The Walton Community Garden was completely covered by floodwaters, but its fence remained largely intact. The irrigation tank was still standing and its solar panel had been removed in advance of the storm."

9:40pm Sunday 8/28/11: Evaucations are being urged for residents living on the village streets of Walton. If you live on Delaware Street, Griswold Street, and North, Townsend and Liberty Streets up to Mead Street, you should get to higher ground. Evacuation shelter available at Walton High School on Stockton Ave. From NY-Alert:

Evacuations urged in Village of Walton on Delaware, Griswold, North, Townsend and Liberty Streets

Activation Time: 08/28/11 8:23 PM
Expiration Time: 08/29/11 8:21 AM
Issued By: Delaware County Emergency Management
Affected Jurisdictions: Delaware County: Walton (town), Walton (village)

Follow evacuation orders and leave your residence. Power and gas service will be shut off to avoid further problems caused by flood waters.

11:06am: Hurricane-Irene-related flooding in Walton is forecast to get close to 2006 record levels tonight, according to the hydrograph of the West Branch of the Delaware River, which you can see below. At a predicted 15.4 feet, the river will flood Main Street to a depth of about 5 feet. There is a state of emergency for Delaware County, which means that all driving is restricted.

West Branch Delaware River at Walton

Due to the rising waters of the Delaware River residents are urged to evacuate their residences on the following streets in the Village of Walton. Delaware Street, Griswold Street, and North, Townsend and Liberty Streets up to Mead Street. Walton Fire Department will be going door to door to conduct evacuations. NYSEG will be working with Walton Fire Department to cut power and gas services to homes on these streets. The evacuation shelter will be at the Walton High School on Stockton Avenue and transportation can be provided to the shelter if necessary. The High School will be used as a shelter until Bridge Street is cut off by flooding. After that the First Presbyterian church at the corner of North and East Street will be used as a shelter.