If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes

Above: A storm looms over the Catskills in Delhi. Photo by Flickr user Max Talbot-Minkin.

The recent weather nutsiness -- particularly the tornado warning for Delaware County two weeks ago -- inspired our occasional poetical contributor (and SUNY Delhi professor) Kirby Olson to send us a poem about the vagaries of weather forecasting in the Catskills. Olson tell us that three years ago on this date, June 10, the whole of Delaware County was locked down in fear of forecasted hurricane-force winds and tornadoes. -- Julia Reischel


All day we waited for the storm
The weathermen hinted at tornadoes
School was let out at 12:45

At 5:15 the wind caused the trees to wobble
We were afraid of the slashing rain
clear jazzed lightning

But in ten minutes the storm had passed
I brought out the trash

We washed the children
I went downstairs to watch the finals
Kobe’s team is up a few points at the half

June 10, 2008