Greene Co. IDA's bonus-enjoying chief resigns

This just in: Alexander "Sandy" Mathes, the executive directory of the Greene County Industrial Development Agency, has resigned, according to the Daily Mail. No explanation was given:

In a statement, the IDA Board of Directors said the decision was “mutually agreed to." ...

“Now it is time to pursue other professional challenges,” Mathes added.

If you know the history of Mathes' tenure at the IDA, however, it's not hard to guess why he's out.

Mathes made statewide headlines last year after news broke that he received a $175,000 bonus in 2009 on top of his $130,000 salary. Although the IDA's chairman, Paul Slutzky, defended the payments to Mathes, he later resigned. It's not surprising to find that Mathes has followed suit. When the scandal broke last year, Mathes told the Daily Mail that the only reason he stuck around in Greene County was because of the super-sized bonuses:

“It’s that bonus structure that has kept me in Greene County,” Mathes said.