Friar Tuck Inn sells to mystery buyer

Looks like the Ulster Savings Bank has finally managed to unload the Friar Tuck Inn in Catskill for a modest $2.4 million. (That's $1.4 million less than what the bank was owed, when they foreclosed on the Route 32 property last April.)

But the identities of the Friar Tuck's new owners remain a mystery, says the Daily Freeman, which reported the sale today.

Win Morrison, of Win Morrison Realty in Kingston, said he and Greg Berardi represented the buyers during the property sale.

“The buyer is planning to rejuvenate Greene County,” Morrison said on Thursday. He said it will be “extremely exciting” if the buyer does what it plans to do at the resort.

Morrison described the buyer as a “foreign” group of individuals.

Well, that certainly narrows it down.