FEMA to set up office in Margaretville (UPDATE 9/3, FEMA at Belleayre, not CWC)

CORRECTION, 9/3: It seems the CCCC's press release (posted below) was premature. Diane Galusha of CWC, now serving as public information officer for the town of Middletown, informs us that CWC offices sustained damage in the flood, and will not be hosting FEMA at this time. FEMA's local disaster recovery center is up and running at Belleayre Ski Center.

From Galusha, 9/3:

MARGARETVILLE – The Catskill Watershed Corporation at 905 Main Street in Margaretville was among the many buildings inundated when Tropical Storm Irene dumped several inches of rain on the region August 28.

Seventeen inches of water left carpeting, file cabinets, walls, and chair seats soaked. CWC staff members who could safely make it to Margaretville spent three days removing mud and ruined items and  then turned the clean-up over to professionals with experience in post-disaster recovery.

“That work is expected to be complete September 6, and we hope to have limited capabilities by Friday,” said CWC Executive Director Alan Rosa. Reconstruction of interior walls will go forward over the next couple of weeks, and we hope to be back in full operation by Sept. 19.”

Continued Director Rosa, “We ask that Watershed residents who called or emailed during the past week to please be patient while we get our communications systems functioning again. We will get back to you as soon as we can.”

9/2: This just in from the Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce: FEMA will be setting up a temporary office at the Catskill Watershed Corporation building on Main Street, Margaretville.

We know that a FEMA office will be set up in the Catskill Watershed Corporation's office at 905 Main Street in Margaretville within a few days.

If anyone has additional information about other locations in our region where FEMA offices will be located please share with us so that we can get that info out to our members.

Also please let us know of your status, especially if you are open for business. We are getting inquiries from tourists and second homeowners and want to provide them with correct information to help you and your business.

The chamber is also using its facebook page,  central catskills chamber of commerce, to get out daily updates of services to communities: clothing and food centers, medical services, volunteer centers and any other important community support as it becomes available. Send us any notices or current info so that we might help you get this information to the public.