Where would you rather see an ad for Ulster County?

Should Ulster County spend over $700,000 on New York City subway ads, or on commercials on "Good Morning America?" High-falutin' consultants favor the first option, while local businesspeople favor the second, according to the Times Herald-Record, which interviewed a businessowner who thinks that upstate residents should see the tourism ads, too:

The committee suggested that the marketing and advertising money be spread around to various media, including especially high-impact New York City, national and local radio and television stations.

"So now people up here will see 30-second spots about Ulster County on places like 'Good Morning America,'" he said.

This way, local viewers and listeners will get to see the county's attractions in the same way out-of-towners will.

Good idea? Disturbingly, nobody seems to actually know which approach will actually attract more tourists to Ulster County.