The rabbit eaters

Ulster County farmer John Fazio has been getting plenty of attention from the Internet lately, thanks to a couple of media mentions: a Food Curated video of his rabbits, and an article in the New York Times on rabbits-as-dinner. The video, which features plenty of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed rabbits in what is clearly a commercial operation, has become a touchstone for debate over whether an indoor rabbit farm is humane.


Farming & Breeding Fresh Rabbits for NYC Restaurants *food curated* from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

The NYT story, which featured city dwellers taking a course on how to butcher rabbits in a Brooklyn parking lot, clearly touched a nerve of horror in many readers. Here's a follow-up reader Q&A from the NYT blogs with urban homesteader Novella Carpenter.

Salon weighs in.

Rabbits on Grub Street.

From the NYT, some photos that didn't make the cut for the Dining article. (Our favorite: Psycho Killer Bunny.)

Fazio, as regular Watershed Post readers will note, also raises ducks.

Our take on the tempest in a cassoulet pot: If you eat meat at all, you may as well eat rabbit. Kudos to Fazio for having the gumption to stand behind his farming practices.