Paul's PG-13 guide to fishing the Esopus

A new 14' Raven float rod. A basket full of flies. A beautiful Sunday on the Esopus. What could be better?

Unfortunately for Paul over at the Angling Journal, many of the region's most exquisitely irritating individuals apparently thought so too. While fishing the Esopus over the weekend, our brave blogger endured a most aggravating lecture, from a fellow hell-bent on making sure Paul knew just how vast his knowledge was on the topic of the Proper Deployment of Flies.

I have a certain problem when I deal with difficult people, my mind immediately fills with paragraphs and flow charts that would very efficiently communicate my thoughts were I able to connect an HD projector to my brain. Also, it’s difficult arguing with twats as ultimately they will just go on being twats regardless of how convincing a presentation I make of their twattery. So my usual responses are to walk away or hope they see that I am inwardly laughing at them, which they rarely do.

After extricating himself from Condescending Fly Guy, Paul found his flyfishing reverie once again destroyed by a few excellent specimens of that bane of anglers, Homo sapiens var. tuberii, which he photographed in all their resplendent tube-itude.

At least the day on the river wasn't a total loss:

Lessons learned:
(1) Go on weekdays.
(2) Stay in the reservoir area of the river until water temperatures reach below the minimum tolerance of twats.
(3) Always carry a whiteboard and markers.