NY Daily News casts for trout

Daily News correspondent Paul Schultz spends a day fishing the East and West branches of the Delaware and talking up the virtues of summer fishing in the Catskills:

The good news, though, is that three streams in Sullivan and Delaware Counties — the Neversink, the West Branch of the Delaware and the East Branch — are tailwaters whose temperatures stay cool and fish-favorable all summer.

“Cold water is released from the bottom of the dams and keeps the rivers cool,” says Dennis Skarka, owner of fly-fishing emporium Catskill Flies in Roscoe. His town is situated at “the forks,” where the Willowemoc meets the Beaverkill, and is the site of the traditional April 1 fishing-season kickoff at Junction Pool.

We're not so sure how cool those rivers are staying right now, but hey, we can hope. The Monticello Racway, the Woodstock Museum, and the Hobart Book Village all make appearances too, as recommendations for what to do when one's not fishing.