The men who would be Guv

Steve Levy and Rick Lazio, the two pols jousting to run for governor on the Republican ticket, paid a visit yesterday to the Sullivan County GOP convention. From the Times Herald-Record:

Lazio, a former four-term Congressman, and Levy, the Suffolk County executive, delivered a similar pro-business, anti-tax-and-spend message --- except that each said that only he had the stuff to beat the man referred to as “Prince Andrew.”

The partisan crowd at the Villa Roma got an earful of traditional Republican rhetoric. Many speakers were optimistic, saying people are so mad in New York and around the country that they'll turn to Republicans to fix the mess.

Local senator John Bonacic served up a generous dollop of hyperbole:

“We have to come back like it is D-Day in Normandy --- take back our country, take back our state,” said State Sen. John Bonacic, R-C-Mount Hope.

Whoa. Was that a Nazi analogy? Will there be paratroopers on the shores of the Hudson?