Charges for driver and fireworks hoarder after Esopus fire

The Times Herald-Record and the Daily Freeman are reporting that Jeffrey W. Kayes, the driver of a dump truck that sparked an enormous fire on Rte. 9W in the town of Esopus on Tuesday, is facing criminal charges. The Record reports that those charges are for reckless driving. The Freeman adds that whoever put a bunch of fireworks in the warehouse that burned to the ground in the blaze might also face charges. 

(The online version of the Freeman story includes a YouTube video that we featured on our site yesterday. Neat!)

Updated: The Freeman's blotter reports that the owner of the warehouse, Ande Rooney Inc., has been charged with unlawfully dealing with fireworks. Kayes has been charged with "reckless driving and aggravated unlicensed driving, as well as the violation of driving out of class."