Battling the budget, Don Draper-style

Is there some kind of terrible recession going on in the creative industry? It seems like the anti-budget-cut campaigns coming out of New York State's usually-staid nonprofit sector are getting awfully clever lately.

From the Healthcare Association of New York State: A new website called features video of a giant dinosaur crushing cardboard hospitals full of Playmobil doctors. Special feature: Type in your zip code and check out the devastation Cutzilla plans to wreak on your local hospital.

The latest in a wave of resignations from the scandal-wracked Paterson administration: Sialia sialis, Chelydra serpentina, Castor canadensis and Salvelinus fontinalis. According to the Environmental Advocates of New York, the four official state animals--otherwise known as the bluebird, snapping turtle, beaver and brook trout--are quitting in disgust over Paterson's proposed cuts to the environmental budget.

We quit: New York State animals resign in budget protestWe quit: New York State animals resign in budget protest