Another hazard of deer-car collisions

When you hit a deer, as so many of us have in the Catskills, your first worry is instant death and dismemberment, your second is for the cost of autobody repair, and your third, maybe, is for the deer. But last week, a 25-year-old man from Mount Vision discovered that you're not necessarily out of the woods even after you start driving away unharmed from a deer-car encounter.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office is reporting that on Tuesday, November 16, Kyle J. Anderson was driving through the town of Sidney on I-88 when he hit a deer. The car was heavily damaged, but it still ran, so Anderson kept driving after the incident, heading for a residence in Franklin. On the way, his car burst into flames, apparently due to the damange caused by the deer.

Here's the press release from the Sheriff's Office:

On November 16th, 2010 Deputies were dispatched to State Highway 357 in the Town of Sidney for a car- deer accident with the vehicle on fire. Upon patrol’s arrival, a car operated by Kyle J. Anderson, 25 years of age from Mount Vision was totally engulfed in flames. Anderson had struck a deer on Interstate 88 in the Town of Sidney, left the scene and attempted to drive to a residence in Franklin, when the vehicle that had sustained extensive damage burst into flames. The fire was extinguished by Unadilla Fire Department. No tickets were issued.