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Rumors of more bodies in Walton case untrue, cops say

Above: Lieutenant Erik Dauber of the New York State Police briefs local news reporters on an unfolding homicide investigation at Troop C's Sidney headquarters on Tuesday. Source: New York State Police's Facebook page.

Number of bodies found so far in a gruesome Walton case of suicide, homicide, arson and deceit: Three. (Four, if you count the dog.)

Persistent rumors have been swirling in the small community, and on social media, that other bodies were discovered in the course of the investigation. On Wednesday, Lieutenant Erik Dauber of the New York State Police, who is involved in the Walton investigation, emphatically denied the rumors.

"I have heard that rumor a bunch of times, and it's just not true." Dauber said. "Those three are the only bodies we have in this case. Let's hope it stays that way."

Here's what is known about the case so far:  Read more

New details emerge on Walton deaths: Randy Sundstrom's body was found in a barrel

More disturbing details are emerging from the police investigation into an apparent murder-suicide and arson that occurred last week in a Walton home.

On February 19, two people were found dead at a house at 294 John Lockwood Road, which was set on fire shortly before gunshots were heard from within. The two were identified as 48-year-old Debra Sundstrom of 1884 South River Road, whose death was ruled a suicide by gunshot to the head, and 51-year-old Dominick Bosco, who lived in the house. Bosco's death was ruled a homicide.

The body of Debra's husband, Randy Sundstrom, was later found by police at the Sundstroms' home at 1884 South River Road.

On Tuesday, New York State Police troopers revealed a grim detail in the unfolding case: Randy Sundstrom's body was found stuffed into a barrel behind the Sundstrom house.

Randy Sundstrom had been dead since roughly February of 2010, police said. His death has been ruled a homicide.  Read more

Body of suicide victim's long-dead husband found during investigation of Walton fire

A long-dead body has been found during the investigation of an arson-suicide at 294 John Lockwood Road in Walton, where 48-year-old Debra Sundstrom committed suicide by gunshot on February 19.

On the afternoon of February 19, two local police officers -- who were outside the house at the time conducting a criminal investigation -- heard gunshots, then entered the house to find it ablaze. Two bodies were recovered from the house after the fire, which was later found to have been set intentionally.

While investigating the incident, state police have found and identified a third body at 1884 South River Road in Walton: Debra Sundstrom's husband, Randy Sundstrom. Police say Randy Sundstrom was the victim of a homicide sometime around February of 2010.

Lieutenant Jeffrey VanAuken of the New York State Police told the Watershed Post that Randy Sundstrom was never reported missing.  Read more

Police: Walton woman found in burning house shot herself; fire was intentionally set

One of the two people found dead in a burning house on a dead-end road in Walton on Tuesday was 48-year-old Debra S. Sundstrom, according to a press release from the New York State Police.

A forensic pathologist at Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton has found that Sundstrom's death was a suicide, and that the method was "a gunshot to the head," the release states. 

The press release also states that the fire that engulfed the house as investigators arrived on the scene was "incendiary in nature" and has been ruled an arson. 

The identify of a second body found in the house has yet to be identified.

According to the Daily Star's police blotter, Sundstrom had recently been arrested: She was charged with five counts of grand larceny in the fourth degree on January 28.

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Two bodies found in burning house in Walton

Above: Aerial imagery of a property at 294 John Lockwood Road where two bodies were found Tuesday (highlighted in blue on the map). Source: Delaware County Community Online Mapping Tool.

On Tuesday afternoon, police conducting a criminal investigation at a house in Walton arrived to the sound of gunfire and the house in flames. Two bodies were found in the house, and have yet to be identified.

According to a release from the New York State Police issued on Wednesday, Delaware County Sheriff's Office senior investigator Karl Vagts and Walton Police Department chief Brian Laauser were on the scene around 2pm on Tuesday at 294 John Lockwood Road, a dead-end road in a rural neighborhood. While the officers were outside the house, two gunshots were heard from within. 

Vagts and Laauser entered the house, where they found a woman dead on the second floor, and flames beginning to engulf the building. Fire companies from Walton and Delhi arrived to put out the fire. After the fire was extinguished, the remains of a second body were found in the basement.  Read more

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