Three arrested in Delaware County for 2012 armed robbery

Photos courtesy of the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

After a year-long investigation, Delaware County police have made three arrests in the case of a 2012 armed home invasion and robbery in the town of Tompkins. 

Arrested on Tuesday, on sealed grand jury indictment warrants, were three Delaware County residents: 27-year-old Andrew Dougherty of Delhi, 27-year-old Amanda Gahan of Walton, and 32-year-old Leon Grizzard of South Kortright, according to a statement from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. The three are accused of breaking into a Tompkins home in June of 2012, and robbing the residents at gunpoint of cash and drugs. All three face charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, petit larceny and fourth-degree criminal mischief.

The first-degree burglary and robbery charges are both class B violent felony offenses. If convicted, the three could face up to 25 years in prison.   Read more

K-9 Osman "Ozzie" Steele makes his first arrest

Above: Deputy John Demeo and K-9 Osman "Ozzie" Steele, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office's newest drug law enforcement team. Ozzie is the namesake of a famous Catskills officer of the law: Undersheriff Osman Steele, who was the only casualty of the Anti-Rent War in Andes, shot by protesting tenant farmers on August 7, 1845. Photo courtesy of the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

Just one day out of the academy, Delaware County's newest "officer" was already making arrests.

Osman "Ozzie" Steele, a young German shepherd who recently joined the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, graduated from K-9 Narcotics Detection School on Friday, September 6, along with his human crimefighting partner John Demeo. Just over 24 hours later, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Ozzie and Demeo made their first arrest: A drug bust in the village of Walton.   Read more

16 arrested in Ulster County drug raids

A three-month investigation into illegal drug activity in Ulster County came to a head in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday morning, when police raided homes and arrested 16 people in Ulster, Dutchess and Orange counties on multiple drug sale and possession charges. 

The investigation carried out by the Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team (URGENT), a collaboration between local, state and federal law enforcement. During the investigation, undercover URGENT officers bought about 20 grams of cocaine, 1000 decks of heroin, and black-market prescription drugs from those arrested. 

Of the 16 people arrested, police say, 13 were indicted by an Ulster County grand jury, and sealed indictment warrants were issued for their arrest. The remaining three were arrested on warrants.

Arrested during the raids on Thursday:

-Iqwan Mandiville, age 21, of 78 Clinton St., Napanoch
Charges: Third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance (3 counts), third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance (3 counts) 
Bail: None  Read more

The longest day: Inside the Bovina standoff

Above: Justin Geraghty and his son in 2013. Photo courtesy of Liahna Cole. 

Around lunchtime last Sunday, Peter Mullin and Victoria Charkut were in their Catskills backyard in the town of Bovina, enjoying the warm August sunshine. Showtunes played on the radio and laundry hung on the fence as Charkut knitted on the back porch. Mullin was working on their new deck. 

Suddenly, there was a man in their yard, twenty feet away, aiming a shotgun at them. Get in the house, he told them. He threatened to kill them if they didn't. 

Terror ripped through the couple. Mullin, the gun trained on him, began to walk up the steps, but Charkut, frozen with fear, was rooted to the porch. She asked the gunman not to hurt them. He aimed the gun at her and told her, again, to go inside.

It looked to Mullin and Charkut like the man had been running. He was sweaty and covered with dirt, and smelled like alcohol. But the hands aiming the gun at them were steady.

Above: A stretch of County Route 5 the day after the standoff. Mullin and Charkut's house is in the stand of trees on the left. Photo by Julia Reischel. 

For Mullin and Charkut, that was the moment that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. For 32-year-old Justin Geraghty, the gunman, it was a moment of no turning back.

Twelve hours later, after a standoff with police that had the entire town of Bovina sheltering in fear, Geraghty was dead in Mullin and Charkut's house, his body found in a wooden sauna located in a second-floor bathroom. He had killed himself.

  Read more

Police: Bovina gunman dead of apparent suicide

A gunman who was involved in a hostage situation and a long standoff with law enforcement in a Bovina house on Sunday is dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, Delaware County sheriff's deputies said in a statement released at 11am Monday.

The gunman was identified as 32-year-old Justin Geraghty, a parolee who was wanted on an arrest warrant from the New York State Division of Parole for violation of parole, and another from the Delhi Police Department for first-degree burglary, third-degree assault and petit larceny.

Reporter Julia Reischel has eyewitness accounts from yesterday's standoff, and we will be posting a more detailed story shortly. Embedded below is the official statement on the incident from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.  Read more

Standoff with armed gunman ends in Bovina

A standoff between police and an armed gunman that had the town of Bovina on lockdown Sunday has come to an end, police say. But officials are not yet releasing details about the situation, or why it is no longer active.

Delaware County Undersheriff Craig DuMond said Monday morning that the standoff was over and County Route 5/Pink Street, which had been cordoned off near the house where the gunman was sheltering, was open once again. 

DuMond would not release any other information at this time. We will update this post when we have more information.

Update, 12:15pm: The gunman, 32-year-old Justin Geraghty, was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a statement issued at 11am Monday by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office.

Lockdown lifted for most of Bovina, but standoff with gunman continues

Bovina is one of those little rural towns that deserves to be called "sleepy." By 11pm on Sunday night, it's usually lights-out for the Delaware County town's 600-odd residents. But on Sunday, August 11, lights were blazing in house after house in Bovina Center, as locals waited for the end of a standoff between an armed gunman and local law enforcement.

On Sunday afternoon at 2pm, Delaware County Emergency Management issued a notice advising all Bovina residents to stay inside and lock their doors. Officials later confirmed that the cause of the alert was a manhunt for a gunman. By Sunday evening, the man was holed up in a house on Pink Street, surrounded by state and local police who were attempting to negotiate a surrender. Confirmed details about the situation are still scarce, but an official told the Watershed Post that the man held two hostages at gunpoint on Sunday, both of whom escaped unharmed.  Read more

Suspect is "contained" in Bovina manhunt; standoff continues

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Above: A map of Bovina Center. A standoff between police and an armed man is ongoing tonight at a house on County Highway 5.

The subject of a manhunt in the Delaware County town of Bovina is surrounded in a house on County Highway 5, also known locally as Pink Street, this evening, according to law enforcement dispatchers at 6:30pm.   Read more

Cairo man fined for bear poaching

A Cairo man was recently charged with off-season poaching for shooting a 150-pound black bear near his house on May 29, according to officials from the Department of Environmental Conservation. 

Joseph Budz, 40, admitted to shooting the bear, and agreed to pay $752.50 to the Cairo Town Court to settle the misdemeanor charge in a civil compromise.

According to DEC officials, a necropsy showed that the bear was killed while moving away from the shooter, and died from a single gunshot wound. The bear was reportedly not acting in an aggressive or destructive manner.

Shandaken employee charged with embezzling flood funds

An employee of the Shandaken highway department has been charged with embezzling over $20,000 from the town, some of it allegedly from FEMA funds meant for Irene flood relief.

On Wednesday, state police arrested 46-year-old Florence Sullivan of Chichester and charged her with third-degree grand larceny, first-degree falsifying business records, and first-degree scheme to defraud, all felonies.

According to a state police statement, Sullivan manipulated town payroll and financial records associated with both herself and other employees, including federal flood relief payment records. As a result, police said, Sullivan received over $20,000 in overpayments and benefits, while other town employees had money wrongfully withheld.   Read more

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