Wednesday Night’s Show: Preserving Oak – A Valuable Resource

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On tonight’s show we’ll be discussing the oak tree. Many of us are familiar with acorns and their origin from oak trees. But, do we realize how important they really are to wildlife that depend upon them for a living? What about for us humans too? In the past, Native Americans fed upon the acorns after leaching out bitter tannins. Along with walnut, hickory, and chestnut – oak served as a critical food source for humans probably for thousands of years. Some believe that oak is a legacy of Native American forest management practices. Today, oak is considered most valuable for the wood products it provides. As important as oak might be, it’s in trouble throughout most of the US. Oak is failing to regenerate in the understory. Is it because of global warming? Acid rain? Mercury deposition? Or is it more about how humans perceive their forest that is most troubling to oak? Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online @

Leeks are rising in the forest understory from their wintry slumber. I noticed my first dandelions in Margaretville while walking yesterday afternoon too. I also saw some trout lilies which are always a nice, tasty salad green to munch on while walking through the woods. Temperatures have been ideal (for me) for working outside in; just cold enough to not break a sweat, and warm enough to get by with a small sweater. Down in the Hudson Valley it’s almost time to cut the grass for the first time.

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association

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