Phil the Void - Oct 31st

Our dear friend and fellow Transitioner, Phil Lenihan, passed away last year on All Hallows' Eve. This Halloween, his friends are celebrating by toasting his memory. If you knew Phil, loved Phil and have been missing Phil, come Phil the Void with us at the Orphic Gallery, scene of so many epic parties.

Friends of Phil are convening from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Orphic Gallery, at the corner of Main and Bridge Streets in Roxbury, NY.   If you like, bring a bottle and an hors d'oeuvre to share.

Phil’s 2014 memorial party sent our beloved friend out in style. All of his pals turned out to tell stories, sing songs, read poems and reminiscence. Joe Massa, co-owner of The Roxbury Contemporary Lodging, read a moving tribute. Here is an excerpt, where he imagined what Phil would have wanted to say to the attendees of his memorial:

“If I have touched your heart, if I touched your soul in any way, please remember those moments. If you enjoyed a gallery opening, or a party, or a film festival, or a book signing—or even just a pleasant, brief moment in my humble little store, PLEASE hold that single moment inside you. Take that spark of energy that was born of my soul and feed it. Give it a life of its own. PLEASE keep my work going however you can. Take that energy and run with it. Do not let my spirit fade. And party on, Roxbury!”

You heard the man... Party on!!