Zonder Kennedy Debuting New Songs at Orphic Gallery Tomorrow

Zonder Kennedy Busking at the Mars Bar, NYC

Zonder Kennedy, who describes his music as grit pop punk r&b, is working on a new collection of songs and will debut a number of them, including Bukowski in Amsterdam, tomorrow afternoon and evening at The Orphic Gallery in Roxbury.  Their recordings were done In Bronxville, New York,  with Al Hemberger engineering, and Carl Sturken producing.  Zonder's band, the Scoville Junkies, features Zonder on guitar and vocals,  Bruce Martin on drums and vocals, and Ari Huff on bass guitar.   Martin has worked extensively in Europe and Asia and is reputedly connected to a Turkish fashion syndicate.  Huff, who hails from the Philadelphia area, is a gifted artist and cartoonist, when not holding down bass duties in the band.  No title nor release date is set as yet for the new album.

Zonder Kennedy will perform at the Orphic Gallery in Roxbury on Saturday, September 20th from 4 until 8 pm.  For further information, please see http://www.watershedpost.com/sponsored/2014/zonder-kennedy-perform-orphic-gallery or call the gallery at 607-326-6045.