Wednesday Night's Show: Hunting with Patrick Davis

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On Wednesday night’s show, Oct. 1, we’ll be talking to one of the area’s local hunters – Patrick Davis. Patrick is an avid bow hunter, bear hunter, and turkey hunter. Opening day of bow-season for deer and bear is right around the corner – Wednesday, October 1st. Turkey season will be open too. We’ll talk to Patrick about how he has been preparing for the upcoming season, and how he thinks it will go. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online at to learn more.

WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE FOREST? Acorns seem to be pretty spotty this year; some areas have them and some don’t. I’ve heard that there are some beechnuts out there, but haven’t verified that yet first-hand. Not too many apples, some pears, and grapes here and there. There are quite a few nannyberries and a few autumn olive berries. Other than that, there isn’t too much mast (fruits and nuts). I have a feeling deer are going to be feeding heavily on the grasses this fall, especially the clover that grows over our leach fields. Good luck; bow season begins this coming Wednesday!

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association