Wednesday Night’s Show: Experiences in Woodworking with Paul Misko

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Wednesday Night’s Show: Experiences in Woodworking with Paul Misko
On Wednesday night’s show we’ll be speaking with Paul Misko about his experiences in woodworking. Paul Misko is the founder of the Catskill 4000 Club and also quite the historian of Woodland Valley; a local hollow in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. However, on Wednesday night’s show, Paul will talk about something else that is near & dear to him – woodworking. We’ll ask Paul about how he fells a tree and converts it into furniture. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online at to learn more.

It seemed like for a few days there old man winter made his first re-appearance in a while and tugged on fall’s rope just a little bit. Selfishly, I’d like to see some colder weather to get these deer moving more for hunting’s sake. Well, we’ll see. You can’t change the weather anyway. On another note, fall foliage is still out and about in places, even in higher elevations. On hillsides one can now see where the aspen trees are. They are the ones that are a bright yellow. This fall’s foliage has been something!

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester
Catskill Forest Association