Spillian Sundays: Trail U FREE Trail Layout & Design Classes…then join us for Soup!

Spillian Sundays: Trail U
FREE Classes Trail Layout & Design, Orienteering, Bridge-Building And More!
One Sunday a month -- check our website to see what's coming next.
Join us for a Soup Salon Afterwards!

A sample Trail Layout & Design Class
This workshop is devoted to establishing guidelines for laying out a safe, exciting, and ecologically sound trail. Topics covered include trail planning, soils, grades, hydrological relationships, and trail alignments, as well as trail experience concepts such as users’ expectations, gateways, anchors, and trail flow. Students will learn to understand the humanity in a trail: what makes one trail more enjoyable and satisfying than another. After discussing and analyzing existing trails indoors, participants will have the opportunity to design a new trail segment.

logoSpillian is the new center for Trail University workshops for the central and southern Catskills and we are delighted to be offering Trail U’s every second Sunday this fall and winter as part of our Spillian Sundays. Ongoing workshops and work trips will held to rehabilitate and improve a network of former carriage roads and trails on the property that will be open to the public for hiking, as well as offering opportunities for nature lovers to learn about all sorts of forest related topics.

Be prepared to spend the afternoon on the trail: wear your hiking boots; pack plenty of water; and bring work gloves.

Soup Salon

Please stay to join us for a marvelous Soup Salon dinner afterwards. We serve a bottomless bowl of made-from-scratch, hearty soup, salad, bread, a sweet treat, and coffee or tea, all for $20. And our cash bar is open as well…

We began Spillian Soup Salons last year and are delighted to that they are becoming a beloved tradition in the Catskills. Here’s a little more about how they work…

In honor of the Fleischmann inspired bread lines (where they would give out loaves of bread to men waiting from their Vienna Style Model Bakery in NYC), we have a ‘soup line…’ We invite everyone to go into the kitchen and grab a bowl and get soup and garnishes. We serve the salad and bread family style, so you’re welcome to have as much as you’d like.

We also encourage you to have as many bowls of soup as you’d like…most people go back for at least one more round and I think our record to date is five. We serve the little sweet dessert either family style or on a plate, depending on what’s being served. (And whether we think it will look cool on our little dessert plates…) We serve Iced tea throughout the meal from our antique silver pitchers and hot coffee, regular and decaf, out of our antique silver tea service at the table.

You’re also welcome to get drinks at the bar — we have a couple of wines, several beer selections, and a changing selection of drink specials — these have been a big hit every week. These are becoming neighborhood salons — you can meet old friends or make new ones around our big table. Join us!

Please call us at 800-811-3351 to find out about our next event. Or visit our website here!