Pedal mettle: Mountain biking and road cycling in the Catskills

Above: A mountain biker races in Hurley in 2013. Photo by Tim Kleeger of Fats in the Cats.

The Catskill Mountains were made for road cycling and mountain biking, with miles of paved, lightly trafficked roads and rugged mountain trails. For those who love to shred shale, the region is a mountain biker’s paradise.

The FATS IN THE CATS BICYCLE CLUB ( has over 150 members and has been around since 1994, with rides for bikers of all abilities, including a weekly “newbie” rider group.  Read more

Are You A Wild Woman?

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When you drink Wild Woman, you can be as civilized (or uncivilized) as you want to be!

Hint: At the Tay Bar, we serve it "cold brewed," and mixed with a little organic blueberry juice.

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BBQ in the Catskills

Above: Brisket, pulled pork, chicken and ribs at Catskill Mtn. BBQ in Grand Gorge. Photo by Julia Reischel.

Barbecue fans will drive long distances for their fix of smoked pork belly and brisket. Here’s where to get barbecue in the Catskills. 

The Tannersville version of AMERICAN GLORY BBQ (6033 Main St., Tannersville. 518-822-1234. opened in August 2014, serving North Carolina-style pulled pork, brisket (chopped or sliced Texas style) and St. Louis-style ribs, all smoked over maple wood for hours.

Above: Ribs at American Glory BBQ in Tannersville. Photo courtesy of American Glory BBQ.   Read more

Let us play matchmaker, for Golfing that is!

Join a team at the Margaretville Health Foundation Golf Tournament. We can match you up with a 2 or 3 person team that has registered for the August 6th Golf Tournament at the College Golf Course in Delhi, to play as a 4 person team. Call us right away before these slots are filled. Please see application below or call us for registering.

Andes Roundtable at The Hunting Tavern in Andes

July 22, 2015 - 7:00pm

We are very excited to have Dr. Brian Randolph Greene as our presenter this coming Wednesday.

Dr. Greene  is an American theoretical physicist and string theorist.  Read more

Delaware County's freshest batch of restaurants

Above: Clams casino at Maplehurst, a new Italian restaurant in Roxbury. Photo by Rebecca Andre.

New eateries are popping up across the Catskills -- so many, in fact, that we can't list them all in one story. In Delaware County alone, in the central and western Catskills, seven new restaurants have recently opened their doors. 

Goatie Whites 
46 Depot St., Fleischmanns

Above: A happy customer at Goatie Whites. Photo by Rebecca Andre. 

Owner Bob Zellner’s goatee is the inspiration for the name of this new ice cream parlor and café at the corner of Depot Street and Route 28 in the village of Fleischmanns. Zellner and his wife, Norika, are both longtime Delaware County locals who began serving Perry’s hard ice cream and soft-serve custard on Memorial Day.  Read more

Dancing in the Park 2015

August 8, 2015 - 12:00pm

Dancers, choreographers, film artists and musicians will transform the beautiful creek side Ballantine Park in Andes into unexpected landscapes of movement, image and sound in the third annual Dancing in the Park event, as part of Andes Community Day, August 8, 2015 from 12:00-1:00pm.

This year’s event will include professional dancers from the greater Catskills region, student dancers from Delhi, Bovina, Andes, and adults from the area who have come together in celebration of art making inspired by the treasured outdoor site.

Established professional choreographer/performers David Capps, Vicky Lundell, Pooh Kaye, Gloria McLean, Raegan Reed and members of the collective Emergent Scores Laboratory will be joined by student dancers from the Delhi Dance Studio and for the event. The audience will enjoy a leisurely stroll as they follow the sequence of performances “planted” in a variety of locations in the beautifully landscaped park.

The event is free and open to all, and will proceed rain or shine.  Read more


Foundation 5th Annual Donor and Sponsor Appreciation Event

From left to right: Heather Brighton, Board Chair Margaretville Health Foundation, David Scarpino, President and CEO of Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley (HAHV), Carey Wagner, Board Chair, Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center, and Diane Scarpino.

Margaretville Health Foundation welcomed guests to its 5th Annual Donor and Sponsor Appreciation Event.

Mr. Scarpino addressed the guests to emphasize the inevitable changes coming to the landscape of healthcare, affecting urban and rural areas alike, such as our community of the Central Catskills. The message was that the upcoming affiliation of the HAHV with Westchester Medical Center will bring together a larger network of resources to benefit and strengthen the facilities encompassing HAHV.  Read more

Take a dip: Where to swim in the Catskills

Above: Belleayre Beach at Pine Hill Lake in July 2014. Photo by Jonathan Garin.

In the Catskills, there’s a secret swimming hole in almost every town. (If you ask nicely, a local may point you in the right direction.) Here are a few of the best known publicly accessible swimming spots, from lifeguarded beaches to swimming pools to blue holes in the wilderness.


BIG DEEP is a beloved woodsy swimming hole with a rope swing on the Saw Kill. East of town on Route 212 in Woodstock.

Above: Peekamoose Blue Hole. Photo by Tim Cox. 

PEEKAMOOSE BLUE HOLE, an icy cold, deep blue basin, is tucked into the woods near the border of Ulster and Sullivan counties. From Route 28A in West Shokan, go 10 miles southwest on County Road 42.  Read more

Andes Roundtable at The Hunting Tavern in Andes

July 15, 2015 - 7:00pm

Andes Roundtable - Wednesday, July 15 - 7:00 pm at The Hunting Tavern -Presenter Tom Salo will discuss the cultural and natural history of ravens. He will use photos and videos from baited camera traps to illustrate some of their interesting behaviors. Ravens are the most intelligent North American bird. They have complex social relationships that extend to other species. These “wolf-birds” have undergone the greatest range expansion of any breeding species in New York during the past 30 years. Formerly found only in the Adirondacks, they have spread across the state and now nest as far south as Long Island.
Ravens are common in the spiritual practices of many northern cultures. These complicated and fascinating birds are well represented in myths, legends, folklore, and literature.  Read more

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