Gorgeous house on 5 acres for sale

Price: $229,000
MLS: 94756
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Sq Feet: 1400
Lot Size: 5 Acres
Year Built: 1983  Read more

Andes Roundtable at The Hunting Tavern

June 18, 2014 - 7:00pm


Poet and storyteller Margot Farrington will read from "Scanning For Tigers," her latest poetry collection.  These poems chart the territory of love, illness and recovery, obsession, and the struggle for survival, in unexpected ways.  Listeners are invited to share and explore how myth, folktale, and the contemporary anecdote provide fuel for the poem-to-be.  Farrington has published and performed widely.  She has been awarded grants and residencies from Norton Island, The I-Park Foundation, Platte Clove, The Clocktower, and the Athena Foundation.

Father's Day in the Gallery...delights for Dads and non-Dads alike

It's Sunday. It's Father's Day. It's a day in the gorgeous town of Andes!

Come visit Chace-Randall Gallery and our gorgeous troupe of 12! Enter our group exhibition. Traverse our current solo exhibition: Mutable/Immutable, new works by Christie Scheele.

Go the kids? No problem: we have treats for adults and kids, alike (and always welcome well-behaved/sticky-less finger tots! well as good pups!) Grab lunch on Main Street, stroll/shop & savor our world of fine art.

Chace-Randall Gallery is located at 49 Main Street, Andes. Gallery Hours: Sat - Sun & Holiday Fridays and Mondays 11 - 5 and by appointment. Please call 917.753.3605 or visit for more information.

Happy June & Happy Father's Day to Dads everywhere!

Flash flood watch issued for western Catskills

Above: National Weather Service radar shows two bands of thunderstorms headed eastward across central New York. Screenshot taken at 3:25 p.m. on Friday, June 13.

Bands of thunderstorms and heavy rain are headed eastward across western and central New York, prompting National Weather Service forecasters in Binghamton to issue a flash flood watch for south-central New York and the western Catskills.

Forecasters are expecting over two inches of rain to fall over a period of less than three hours on Friday afternoon and evening, which could cause flooding in small streams and areas of poor drainage.

Included in the flood watch are Delaware and Sullivan counties. The watch will remain in effect until midnight. 

Below: A forecast posted on Facebook by NWS Binghamton forecasters.

   Read more

Horseback riding in the Catskills

Riders head out on the trail. Photo courtesy of Bridle Hill Farm.

Strapping on your hiking shoes isn’t the only way to see the Catskills: You can also hit the trail on horseback. Trail-riding companies operate throughout the region, and they offer an alternative way to enjoy the spectacular views and fresh mountain air that make the Catskills a paradise for hikers.

Novice and experienced riders alike should have a pre-ride safety check with the trail ride leader, says Laura Phoenix, a riding coach and equestrian specialist at Country Meadows Equine in Delaware County. Before embarking, beginning riders should be shown how make their mount turn left or right — and most importantly, how to stop.

As you ride, the group should set the pace at the comfort level of the most inexperienced rider, in order to ensure a successful ride for everyone in the group.

After horse and rider have gotten acquainted, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the views.

Spring is a great time to take a trail ride, Phoenix says.  Read more

Green Door closes

Green Door, a Liberty-based quarterly magazine about Catskills life and culture, is shutting down.

It's been a good run; in their three years and 13 issues, Green Door's founders have launched a multi-use art space on Liberty's Main Street, popularized the word "hickster," gotten a nod from the New York Times for their "Narrowsburg Not Williamsburg" T-shirts, and earned plenty of love from the local arts and business community. But, as the sage says, sometimes love just ain't enough.

Founders Ellie and Akira Ohiso announced the news on the magazine's website and Facebook page on Tuesday:  Read more

A few good Catskills paddles

Photo by Courtney Ross; submitted to the Watershed Post's 2014 Catskills Outdoor Guide Photo Contest.

Water is everywhere in the Catskill Mountains, even their name: The “kill” in “Catskills” is a Dutch word for “creek.” There’s plenty of open water to go around for kayakers, canoers, sailors and rowers — especially now that four of New York City’s vast reservoirs have been opened to recreational boating, a development in the past few years. (See our guide to boating the reservoirs.)

Another aspect of the Catskills great outdoors that’s improving: our bald eagle population. If you spend time on our rivers and creeks, you’re likely to have a close encounter with one of these fish-eating eagles, who have been brought back from the verge of extirpation over the past few decades and are now a common sight near Catskills waterways.

Catskills creeks have a tendency to be broad and shallow, and water levels can vary a lot depending on recent rainfall and reservoir releases. When preparing to go boating on running water, check out the water level, or ask a local boat rental company, to make sure there’s enough water to keep you from running aground.  Read more

June Weddings, yes! Graduations, yes! But ART, too!, yes!

Outside a bright summer sky. Inside Chace-Randall Gallery, such skies, but clouds, too...moody works: something for everyone. Mutable/Immutable, new works by Christie Scheele, continues through June 7: Come see!

Chace-Randall Gallery is located at 49 Main Street, Andes, NY. June Gallery Hours: Saturday - Sunday and Holiday Fridays and Mondays 11 - 5 and by appointment. We love appointments!: 917.753.3605 or

Visit soon/Visit often. Our stellar troupe of 12 deserves to be seen/coveted/collected? by many. Happy Summer!

Andes Roundtable at The Hunting Tavern

June 11, 2014 - 7:00pm

If you often wonder about the mountains that surround us, their names and what it’s like to hike them, here is an opportunity for you to satisfy your curiosity. Alan Via is the author of The Catskill 67 – A Hiker’s Guide to the Catskill 100 Highest Peaks Under 3,500′ and a CMC hike leader.  He will be debuting a brand new slide presentation. The presentation is titled ‘Off the Beaten Path – A Celebration of the Catskill ‘Hidden Peaks’ in Four Seasons’. The slide show consists of photographs of mostly unknown or little hiked Catskill mountains, progressing through the four seasons. 


July 12, 2014 - 6:00pm
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SOUNDWALL is coming to the Andes Hotel for an evening of music, invention, and improvisation, with a show that you must see to believe. The brainchild of John Houshmand and Ed Potokar, SOUNDWALL is the band that fronts their new company that creates “sonic architecture.” The group is pioneering the making of sculptural and architectural instruments, melding these with traditional instruments and a kick-ass rhythm section, and taking the listener on an adventure of real-time creative improvised compositions.   Read more


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