Instrumental Desire: Strings Attached – The Final Weekend

Ken Butler performing at The Orphic Gallery, August 9, 2014

Ken Butler’s performance at the Orphic Gallery on August 9th was an absolute triumph greatly appreciated by the overflow crowd that packed the gallery and sidewalk on Main Street in Roxbury.  Ken was joined by Ed Potokar, Michael Suchorsky and Ernie Brooks to create an amazing night of tremendous music.  One Orphic patron was overheard to remark “This was the most extraordinary musical performance I have ever seen.  Bassist Ernie Brooks described the performance as “Maxi-minimalist, it's rare that single chord vamps can sound that full and deeply propulsive. As old friend of Ken's and mine, legendary French free jazz guitarist Jean Francois Pauvros once said "to improvise is to fight against stupidity.”’

Alas, Ken’s magnificent exhibit that his performance celebrated will be closing its fantastic run at the Orphic Gallery after this weekend.  Art lovers and music aficionados are encouraged to visit the gallery during it normal business hours of 12 to 5 pm Saturday or Sunday to see this extraordinary exhibition.  The show is comprised of a very select sample of his incredible array of instruments, collages and assemblages and has astonished visitors to the gallery. 

Ken’s instruments and art works have created a sense of wonder in those patrons who have viewed the exhibit so perhaps it is apropos that Ken have the final word on the performance which applies quite well to Instrumental Desire: Strings Attached as a whole:  “What great sound with my amp in the Orphic window and what a pleasure to have the guys close at hand doling out the awesome sound and support.”  All in all, both the exhibit and performance have been genuinely awe-inspiring.

For further information on Instrumental Desire: Strings Attached or the Orphic Gallery, please contact Phil Lenihan at [email protected] or 607-326-6045.