Tonight’s Show: Apple Tree Care with Charlie Blume

CFA-On-The-Air: From the Forest

Wednesday’s 6PM – 7PM


On tonight’s show we’ll be talking about Apple Tree Care with Charlie Blume. Charlie is a certified arborist and has over thirty years of experience in tree removal. However, his real passion is in apple trees. Charlie has experience in both establishing a new orchard, and restoring neglected, old, apple trees back to a fruitful condition. We’ll discuss the ins & outs of apple tree pruning in depth. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online @ to learn more.


CFA’s Wildlife Specialist – John MacNaught – & I hiked up Slide Mountain yesterday. I never saw so many trout lilies flowering before. Up at that elevation – 4,180 feet – not too much has leafed out. There was some packed ice on some portions of the trail and in a few cold, rock crevices as well. Neither of us saw one sign of deer, confirming that this truly is one of the least populated areas of white-tailed deer in New York State; 4 to 7 deer per square mile.

May the forest be with you,

Ryan Trapani

Education Forester

Catskill Forest Association