Tonight’s Show: Turkey Hunting with Patrick Davis

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Tonight’s Show: Turkey Hunting with Patrick Davis

Tonight, Jim & Ryan will be talking about Turkey Hunting with Patrick Davis. Patrick grew up in the area and is an avid hunter of deer, bear, and of course – turkey.  We’ll be covering the ins & outs of hunting turkeys and their habits & habitats as well. Tune in at 91.3 FM orstream online @ to learn more.


I have one younger & healthier sugar maple in the front yard – down in central Ulster County – that is flowering. The others only have buds that are beginning to swell. The serviceberry flowers have already surpassed peak bloom and the deer look “rough.” They look rough since their brown winter coats are beginning to shed in transition to their red summer coats. I had a good look at three of them this morning in the front yard. They were eating grass around one of my cherry trees that fortunately was protected via a Tree Tube; it would have made a good picture. Apple, one of the early leafers – is finally beginning to show its leaves. Peach is about to flower too. It’s been a late spring for us all. I know that I have yet to shed my winter coat. We had a few days in the 70s and that felt “too warm.” Yesterday & today; now this is my kind of weather – cool, sunny, and low humidity. Enjoy.

May the forest be with you,

Ryan Trapani

Education Forester

Catskill Forest Association