Wednesday Night’s Show: PERC, Free Market Environmentalism, & Forestry

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Wednesday’s 6PM – 7PM


Wednesday Night’s Show: PERC, Free Market Environmentalism, & Forestry

“If markets can provide bread & cars, why can’t they produce environmental quality?” asks one organization in Bozeman, Montana. You won’t want to miss tomorrow night’s show –PERC, Free Market Environmentalism, & Forestry.  FROM THE FOREST will be interviewing Reed Watson (PERC Executive Director) & Dr. Steven Bick (Forester – Northeast Forests, LLC.). PERC stands for Property & EnvironmentResearch Center. PERC was created in 1980 by a handful of economists focusing on various environmental topics: public lands management, water markets, fisheries preservation, environmental entrepreneurship, and more. PERC believes infree market environmentalism – environmental problems can be solved by focusing on property rights & markets – rather than centralized planning.

Reed Watson is the executive director at PERC. He is also the Director of PERC's Enviropreneur Institute, an educational program and launch-pad for environmental entrepreneurs. Independent of PERC, Watson advises resource managers, policy makers, and conservation organizations on environmental resource valuation. He has completed consulting projects in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Louisiana & Florida and holds a J.D. and M.A. in Environmental Economics from Duke University and a B.S. in Economics from Clemson University. With Terry Anderson and Brandon Scarborough, he coauthored Tapping Water Markets (RFF Press, 2012).

Dr. Steven Bick is the consulting forester and principal in Northeast Forests, LLC. He holds a Ph.D. in Forest Management and Economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Bick is an adjunct professor in the Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management at SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry. He is the author of six books on forestry and conservation. He is a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters and also an SAF Certified Forester. As a trained forest economist, he is the source of expert advice on timberlands investments, stumpage appraisal, income and property taxes, Forest Tax Law enrollment and compliance, and conservation easement design. Tune in Wednesdayevening @ 6PM @ 91.3 FM or stream online to learn more.


Stalled; the maple sugaring season that is! I’m waiting for things in the forest to warm up a little bit for the sap to run. It’s a late season this year and hopefully things don’t warm up all at once, sending  a hopeful sweet season to a bitter end. Sugar content of maple trees can be enhanced by proper forest management via added sunlight, but sap flow is entirely weather dependent. So, we wait. I’ll let you know.

May the forest be with you,

Ryan Trapani

Education Forester

Catskill Forest Association