Greg Frederick – Record Breaker artist – to Design Courtney Love’s Tour T-Shirts

The Orphic Gallery is pleased to announce that Greg Frederick has been commissioned by the incomparable Courtney Love to design the t-shirts for her upcoming tour.  Ms. Love has approved the design of the first shirt, God Save the Queen of Rock & Roll, (as pictured below) and Greg will be presenting her with other designs in the near future.

Greg is presently in Boston with the tour entourage but will be returning to Roxbury next weekend for the Record Breaker closing reception at the Orphic Gallery on Saturday, June 29th from 4-7 pm.  The party will feature a performance by Zonder Kennedy and his band the Scoville Junkies and promises to be a bash.  The openings at the Orphic Gallery have been characterized by the Woodstock Times as “bacchanals” and our first closing will be predictably libertine.