Whimsical Metal Sculptures by John Jackson

Opening reception, Friday, May 24, 5–7pm
Sponsored by Brewery Ommegang & Hand in Hand Farm
Exhibit runs from May 24 to July 8

IMG 6964

"Kitchen Wizard"


IMG 6854-1

"Poet Lariat"


IMG 6898-1

"Mountain Music Man"

Whimsical metal sculptor, humor therapist, recycler, prophet (mostly non-profit), political satirist, cello torturer, and haiku dabbler, John Jackson has been creating sculptures for over 35 years. His sculpture palette consists mainly of bike and motorcycle parts, distressed musical instruments, old tools, and gleanings from flea markets. Favorite themes are musicians, masks, critters, and banksters behind bars.
As frosting on the sculpture cake, Jackson often composes haiku that the work has inspired. His pieces appeal to the young and the young-at-heart, adding levity to a world run amok.

If his sculptures don't make you laugh out loud or at least crack a smile, you are probably in need of serious counseling.