Jeanne Ellsworth to Exhibit Mosaics at In Flight at Orphic Gallery

Hive - Mosaic by Jeanne Ellsworth

Artist Jeanne Ellsworth will exhibit the six mosaics that she created in conjunction with the poems of Sharon Israel and the musical compositions by Robert Cucinotta  to be featured at the opening of In Flight at the Orphic Gallery in Roxbury on Saturday April 6th from 5 to 7 pm.

 Jeanne Ellsworth is new to mosaic making.  She took a Break It/Make It workshop last summer in Vermont with Bette Ann Libby, and she has been breaking and making gleefully since then.  She uses exclusively odd bits, leftovers, found objects, and thrift store treasures; she doesn’t cut shards to shape but rather works with the unique ways that different materials break.  Her installation in honor of children lost in the Iraq war was shown at the Roxbury Arts Group's Bank Gallery and the Treadwell Museum of Fine Art in 2009. 

The Orphic Gallery is located at the Roxbury Corner Store at 53525 State Highway 30, Roxbury, NY, at the corner of Main and Bridge Streets.  The exhibit will continue through May 2013 and be open to the public during the gallery’s normal business hours, Wednesday through Sunday, 12-5 pm.