Documentary Indian Point – Nowhere to Run: Ten years after 9/11

As I was reading the latest news on nuclear power and the ongoing radiation accident in Japan, I was reminded of when we produced the documentary,       Indian Point – Nowhere to Run.

Shortly after the attacks on the Twin Towers, we learned that the terrorists had considered crashing a jetliner into the Indian Point power plant 35 miles north of New York City.   Concerned scientists and environmental groups began to study the possibility of a terrorist attack or a jetliner crashing into the reactor building or the highly radioactive fuel pools on the plant site.  A coalition of concerned groups formed the Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, and decided to produced a documentary dealing with these possibilities and the emergency plans for evacuation of an immense population close to the nuke plant in Westchester County.

We completed Indian Point - Nowhere to Run in 2003.  Since the March 11, 2011 start of the Fukishima nuclear disasters, radiation safety at nuclear plants has gained renewed urgency.   We have posted our 20 minute film for viewing online at YouTube. 

Indian Point- Nowhere to Run draws attention to the untested plans for evacuating a 10-30 mile radius around the Indian Point plant in case of a serious radiation release.

The film will be playing in the Uranium Film Festival in Brazil in 2012.   We offer it here for your information.